A Solo Wanderer

As far as I can remember, I have always been a visual person, so photos are my thing. I remembered when I was young, when my father came from one of his trips abroad, I’d first gloss over the brochures he brought from the places he has visited rather than dig into his pasalubongs (trip souvenir items)

I have been taking pictures since 2008. My friend was prodding me to buy a DSLR. Those were the early years when digital photography became the “in” thing. Like any photography newbie, I’ve been taking pictures of any genre.

My first stint was taking fashion pictures. My friend who has successfully forced me to buy the now obsolete Nikon D60 was a budding fashion photographer then and making a name for himself. Truth be told, although taking fashion pictures are fun, I felt it isn’t for me. Six months after, I find my passion waning. I only brought out my camera during birthday of friends, family gatherings, Christmas parties and such. The rest of 365 days it’s kept in the closet.

Christmas of 2009, my camera was stolen. Weird it didn’t felt it was a huge loss. I thought that would be the end of being involved with photography and I was kind of apathetic about it.

Come February 2010, a friend and I went to Hong Kong for a getaway. It was during Chinese New Year and I felt I had to have a camera then to document everything.  A week before the trip, I bought my Nikon D5000.

First day in Hong Kong, I’ve been taking pictures of everything in the street – from skyscrapers to dirt alleys, landscapes and people especially during their unaware, candid moments. I felt for the first time that not only I had fun of what I’m doing but also a sense of fulfillment as I get to review my pictures at the end of the day.

From that time on, I developed an interest in travelling, a keen interest to discover what is not yet discovered and bring those things to pictures. Since then until now, I have traveled to Taiwan, China, Singapore, Vietnam and just recently Malaysia. Not only I love taking pictures from those places but more importantly to experience the richness of culture that these countries have and bring them with me as I go home.

Travelling also made me appreciate of the richness of culture that I have in my blood, being a Filipino. The pictures featured here are just some of the many wonderful snapshots that I took during my travels. I wish I could post them but I just have stories to tell along with them. I hope that I get to rub on you the way these pictures moved me. I wish to go to more places. The more remote the better and when I get back, I will get to share the pictures that I will take with you.

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